Bringing 3D printing to the pharmaceutical industry

FABRX was founded by world experts in 3D printing and pharmaceutical formulation as a spin out of University College London (UK). We are driven by a passion for advancing medicine with 3D printing. We envision a world where medical treatment is fully personalised and printed on-site in pharmacies or clinical trial units. With personalised dose, flavour, colour and multi-drug combinations, medicine is more effective and patients find it easier to take, leading to better patient outcomes.

We provide an innovative, versatile and easy-to-use platform to produce personalised medicines, revolutionising medical treatment for patients around the world.

In 2023, we launched our subsidiary company in Spain, FABRX·AI, focused on advanced software solutions for pharmaceutical 3D printing.

Current one-size-fits-all dosage forms are inefficient for 40-70% of patients, leading to suboptimal treatment outcomes and an elevated risk of morbidity and mortality. World leading authorities are actively promoting a transition towards personalised medicine, especially for paediatric populations who miss out on adult-oriented treatments.

Personalised medicine is already implemented for non-commercially available doses and dosage forms via pharmaceutical compounding, also known as extemporaneous preparation. Despite being commonly used, this manual process hinders accessibility and customisation options while increasing risk for both pharmacists and patients.

Enter pharmaceutical 3D printing, a technological breakthrough that tackles these challenges head-on. By automating workflows, expanding customisation capabilities for dosage forms, and ensuring precise dose dispensing, 3D printing is at the forefront of revolutionizing compounding practices. It serves as the driving force behind the ongoing shift towards a fully personalized approach to medicine.


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