Pharmaceutical 3D printers for personalised medicine

Our cutting-edge printing systems offer unparalleled versatility and customisation for printlets while ensuring seamless integration into your workflows through simplified processes and user-friendly software. Compliant to extemporaneous/compounding preparation regulation and compatible with standard pharmaceutical excipients readily available in your laboratory or pharmacy.

M3dimaker 1 image


The M3DIMAKER 1 is our single printhead pharmaceutical 3D printer, perfect for research and small batch manufacture of personalised medicines and medical devices for human and veterinary precision medicine and drug development.

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The M3DIMAKER 2 is our multi-printhead pharmaceutical 3D printer capable of rapid polypill manufacture for human and veterinary precision medicine and drug development. This printer has 3 printhead attachments, perfect for higher throughput, larger batch manufacture of personalised medicines and medical devices.

M3dimaker 2 image

Exchangeable printhead system

Switch out for multiple technologies and easy cleaning

Semi Solid Extrusion (SSE)

Our standard Semi Solid Extrusion printhead for pastes and gels.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Our standard Fused Deposition Modelling printhead for filaments.

Direct Powder Extrusion (DPE)

Our Direct Powder Extrusion printhead for powder mixes. This technology is based on hot melt extrusion, allowing you to print in the style of FDM while skipping the filament manufacture step.

Available upgrades

Near Infrared Sensor

Take quality control to the next level with in-line Near-Infrared analysis. Track drug activity for each individual printlet as the batch is being printed with FABRX’s in-build Near-Infrared sensor.

Pressure Sensor

Ensure quality control with your semi-solid extrusion formulations. Control FABRX’s SSE Laguna printhead, with in-line pressure sensing and automated flow stabilisation.


Weigh each printlet individually as your batch is being printed with our in-built balance. Quality assurance for every single pill.

UV LED System

Our SSE printhead with in-built UV Curing capabilities. Wavelengths 365nm or 405nm. Visible light laser λ=365nm or 405nm +/- 10nm

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